Søren Lind Testimonial

Søren Lind 

Professional Golfer and a member of DP World Tour

Gettinga remote-controlled Navigator electric trolley from MGI is the best investmentI have made in my career as a golfer…


We arehappy to announce professional golfer and DP World Tour player Søren Lind as Ambassadorfor MGI.


Søren Lindis a Danish Professional Golfer and a member of DP World Tour.  For all professional golfers, the journey tobecome a member of the DP World Tour starts somewhere.

With agreat Amateur career on the Danish National Team and European Champion forTeams and 5 years at college in the US playing against Colin Morikawa andViktor Hovland, the future was set to become a professional golfer.

The firststep as a professional golfer coming back from college can be qualifying forthe Challenge Tour through the Nordic League, one of the satellite tours, andthen later to the DP World Tour.

 Having a full-time caddie on the Nordic Leagueis not an option, the prize money is simply too low. Striving to optimize hisgolf and not being able to pay a Caddie, Søren invested in an MGI Navigatorremote controlled Electric Trolley an investment that later gets credit for hissuccess as a professional golfer.

Aftergetting a lot of experience as a professional golfer in the Nordic league, thenext natural step was the Qualifying School. The Q School is the place whereyou see dreams come through but also see grown-up men crying when realizingtheir dreams are being brutally ripped apart by a missed put. 

3 stages onQ School and 251 holes later standing at 18th on Q School needing an Eagle tofulfill your dream to become a DP World Tour player and then sinking the put,shows a mental strength that gives high hopes for the future. 

"Having a remote-controlled MGI Navigator has allowed me to concentrate on my golf. The Navigator is the best investment I have made in my career as a golfer. I can only recommend the remote-controlled electric trolley from MGI to everybody. Weekend or Elite player – young or old, male, or female doesn’t matter. It simply brings your golf to the next level."- Søren Lind 

Featured Product:

Jonathan Brown (AFL 256 Games)

"The MGI Zip Navigator has made the walk around a golf course even more enjoyable, even on a bad day.


It is very reliable and easy to set up before each round. I would highly recommend"

Andrew Gaze and Lanard Copeland (NBA)


"I love playing golf. But after all those years of pounding the pavement, on the hardwood, the knees and back get a little sore. So pushing those carts out on the golf course can be hard work! But here I am playing golf and do you see a cart?  No you don't, because I've got the MGI Zip Navigator. The remote unit, it's like playing with a caddy. It's a thing of beauty!" 

"I play golf twice a week. Average Player. Until I got the MGI Zip Navigator motorised buggy! It’s like having a caddy. Wherever my ball goes, the Zip Navigator goes. I find my ball, I hit it on the green, voila! Par! If you want some help on the golf course go get your MGI Zip Navigator motorised buggy, its magnificent. I’m telling you now, no joke, it’s fantastic!"







Kerri-Anne Kennerley (Television Presenter)

"It can go fast, it can go left or right, it can do a u-turn, it can do a 360 on a sixpence, go backwards and hill climb. It is definitely more precise than my golf. 

My MGI Zip Navigator makes my golfing life physically easier not having to push a cart around. I can concentrate on the shot at hand. I need every device possible to be a better golfer and this fits me perfectly. Spoil yourself. 

You won’t regret it!"


Urzila Carlson (Comedian)

"I love my MGI Zip Navigator motorised buggy, it’s the perfect golfing partner. I don’t need friends to tee off with anymore!"


Chris Goulding (NBL Melbourne United)

Chris Goulding

Melbourne United NBL - Australian Boomer 

"The Zip Navigator motorised electric golf buggy takes so much pressure off my body during a round, I no longer have to worry about how I will pull up after pushing a buggy up and down hills for 18 holes. It’s allowed me to play a lot more golf than I usually would, which is a big win for me!"

- Chris Goulding


Featured Product:

James Sicily (AFL Hawthorn Football Club)

James Sicily

Hawthorn Football Club

"It’s like having a caddy each round. You don’t have to push your clubs, with the MGI Zip Navigator motorised buggy you can just walk the course and enjoy it."

- James Sicily

Featured Product:

Sam Groth (Tennis Former World No.53)

Sam Groth

Tennis - Former World No.53

"It makes my life easy. It's my own personal caddy. Any time I'm out on course, I've got a few niggles from tennis and the body is beaten up, the MGI Zip Navigator definitely makes my life a lot easier."

- Sam Groth

Featured Product:

Steven May (AFL Melbourne Football Club)

Steven May

Melbourne Football Club 

"It saves you a couple of shots a round because of not getting tired, and not having to push the MGI Zip Navigator motorised buggy all day. Especially when we're playing on courses like Riversdale Golf Club and Peninsula Kingswood Golf Club where it's hilly, it definitely saves you a lot."

- Steven May

Featured Product:

Angus Brayshaw (AFL Melbourne Football Club)

"There's one massive hill that runs through the middle of Royal Melbourne. The MGI Zip Navigator is really easy to use and takes all heavy grunt work off that hill which is great!"


Dale Thomas (AFL 258 Games)

Dale Thomas

AFL - 258 Games

"The thing I like most about the 

MGI Zip Navigator motorised buggy is the fact that I can walk around the golf course, cruise it up to my ball and not have to worry about pushing things up hills. It's probably the only fitness I’m getting at the minute so to make that a little bit easier is great."

- Dale Thomas

Featured Product:

Luke Breust (AFL Hawthorn Football Club)

"The remote-control technology and the ability to let the bag go ahead of me. I can stand back and control the MGI Zip Navigator motorised buggy from here and stop and start it whenever I want."


Bernie Vince (AFL 229 Games)

Bernie Vince

AFL - 229 Games

"I just felt like it was easier on my body especially when I was playing footy. The MGI Zip Navigator motorised buggy looked after my back and legs and the remote control is very good."

- Bernie Vince

Featured Product:

Josh Bruce (AFL Western Bulldogs Football Club)

"Well firstly how good the MGI Zip Navigator motorised buggy looks and how easy it is to control. I don't have to push or pull anything for 18 holes which is fantastic."


Michael Hurley (AFL Essendon Football Club)

"The convenience. Walking the golf course can be strenuous at times and can take a while, but to have the remote-controlled MGI Zip Navigator motorised buggy makes life a lot easier."


Michael Hibberd (AFL Melbourne Football Club)

"The remote, and being able to steer it up towards the green, not worried about walking your buggy around and you save your energy a little bit so I love that about the MGI Zip Navigator motorised buggy. I get around the course and I’m pretty fresh by the end of 18 holes."


Nick Dal Santo (AFL 322 Games)

"My favourite thing about the MGI Zip Navigator motorised buggy is how easy it is to move around, particularly when you are on the green and the next tee could be on the other side and just how easy it is to move it around so you don’t have to use up all of your energy."


Shaun Higgins (AFL Geelong Football Club)

"Best thing about the MGI Zip Navigator motorised buggy is the remote control. It’s unbelievable, it makes life easy and keeps me on the short stuff"


Jake Lever (AFL Melbourne Football Club)

"Well it's an electronic buggy, 

so the MGI Zip X4 

does everything for you.

I can't wait to show it off to my friends"