Andrew Gaze (left) and Lanard Copeland (right)

Andrew Gaze

NBL (22 Seasons) - Australian Boomer

"I love playing golf. But after all those years of pounding the pavement, on the hardwood, the knees and back get a little sore. So pushing those carts out on the golf course can be hard work! But here I am playing golf and do you see a cart?  No you don't, because I've got the MGI Zip Navigator. The remote unit, it's like playing with a caddy. 

It's a thing of beauty!" 

- Andrew Gaze

Lanard Copeland

NBL (17 Seasons) - Basketball Coach

"I play golf twice a week. Average Player. Until I got the MGI Zip Navigator motorised buggy! It’s like having a caddy. Wherever my ball goes, the Zip Navigator goes. I find my ball, I hit it on the green, voila! Par! If you want some help on the golf course go get your MGI Zip Navigator motorised buggy, its magnificent. I’m telling you now, no joke, it’s fantastic!"

- Lanard Copeland

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