Søren Lind 

Professional Golfer and a member of DP World Tour

Gettinga remote-controlled Navigator electric trolley from MGI is the best investmentI have made in my career as a golfer…


We arehappy to announce professional golfer and DP World Tour player Søren Lind as Ambassadorfor MGI.


Søren Lindis a Danish Professional Golfer and a member of DP World Tour.  For all professional golfers, the journey tobecome a member of the DP World Tour starts somewhere.

With agreat Amateur career on the Danish National Team and European Champion forTeams and 5 years at college in the US playing against Colin Morikawa andViktor Hovland, the future was set to become a professional golfer.

The firststep as a professional golfer coming back from college can be qualifying forthe Challenge Tour through the Nordic League, one of the satellite tours, andthen later to the DP World Tour.

 Having a full-time caddie on the Nordic Leagueis not an option, the prize money is simply too low. Striving to optimize hisgolf and not being able to pay a Caddie, Søren invested in an MGI Navigatorremote controlled Electric Trolley an investment that later gets credit for hissuccess as a professional golfer.

Aftergetting a lot of experience as a professional golfer in the Nordic league, thenext natural step was the Qualifying School. The Q School is the place whereyou see dreams come through but also see grown-up men crying when realizingtheir dreams are being brutally ripped apart by a missed put. 

3 stages onQ School and 251 holes later standing at 18th on Q School needing an Eagle tofulfill your dream to become a DP World Tour player and then sinking the put,shows a mental strength that gives high hopes for the future. 

"Having a remote-controlled MGI Navigator has allowed me to concentrate on my golf. The Navigator is the best investment I have made in my career as a golfer. I can only recommend the remote-controlled electric trolley from MGI to everybody. Weekend or Elite player – young or old, male, or female doesn’t matter. It simply brings your golf to the next level."- Søren Lind 

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