Winter Wheel (Single)


Winter wheels will be a welcomed addition in the wetter months as they provide superior traction in wet conditions. Low profile, they feature a high-grade rubber and are also perfect for walking hilly terrain.
Approved for use on golf courses, use these in winter or all year round as they quick release and easy interchange with the standard wheels.

*You are viewing the White Wheel. Please view the Black Wheel if you have a white framed buggy. 
The price is for 1 wheel. Please purchase 2 of this wheel to make a set.

Winter Wheels are compatible with the following models:

R&G: Coaster R300, Venturer G400, Tracker G600 and Navigator G800

Quad: Coaster Quad, Navigator Quad and Terrain Tri

Signature Features
  • High grade rubber tread
  • Superior traction in wet conditions
  • Perfect for walking hilly terrains
  • Quick release for easy interchange with standard wheels