MGI Zip Navigator AT - All Terrain

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Conquer the toughest golf courses with the Zip Navigator AT - All Terrain.

Designed with independent swivelling front wheels for added strength and stability, the Zip Navigator AT incorporates a full directional remote control, allowing you to effortlessly walk free and play hard. On even the most rugged and hilly courses, watch while your buggy traverses the landscape with conviction. 

Now you have no boundaries, no excuses.

MGI Zip Series buggies are ideally suited to fit cart bags. Not all stand/carry bags are compatible.

Signature Features
  • Dual swivelling independent front wheels
  • Full directional remote control allows for left, right, forward, reverse and speed control
  • Patented Gyroscope Straight Tracker Technology keeps the buggy on track across any terrain
  • Downhill speed control minimises your effort and maximises control
  • Twin calibrated motors for supreme power & agility
  • Powered by the largest capacity Lithium 24v 380Wh battery
  • All terrain tread rear wheels help handle all conditions
  • Fully foldable rear 4th wheel for added stability
  • Monochrome design
  • 3 year warranty
Performance Features
  • USB charging port
  • Adjustable ergonomic T-bar handle and bag support
  • Zip fold
  • Four wheel design
  • Advanced Click & Go Lithium battery system
  • Quick release rear wheels, with All Terrain tread

OPEN DIMENSIONS: 80cm x 50cm x 104cm 




Suitable Accessories
  • Zip Travel Bag
  • Zip Umbrella Holder Extender
  • Zip Wheel Covers
  • Zip Multi Purpose Clip
  • Zip Scorecard Holder
  • Zip Drink Bottle Holder
  • Zip Sand Bottle
  • Zip Sand Bucket Loop
  • Zip Umbrella Holder
  • Zip Seat
  • Zip and Quad Series Rain Cover (Universal)
Battery Options
  • 24v 380w Lithium Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Remote Control with Lithium Battery
  • USB cord for remote charging (AC adaptor not included)




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Australia Australia
Why did I wait so long?

These buggies are amazing! Not only are the compact and reliable but they make your walk so much more enjoyable and keep you feeling fresh throughout the round. I really don’t know why I hesitated on taking the plunge. everyone at my course has one and now I know why. You’re never too young for this kind of technological advancement - improve your game! Well done MGI, this is a remarkable invention executed superbly and it’s Australian, which makes it that much better.

Patricia M.
Australia Australia
Love it

I am so happy with my new buggy. I tried the model below and was disappointed that it seemed to be a bit unstable over varied terrain. The AT model is incredible. I have no problems on any terrain - it holds its line perfectly and works great... I highly recommend it! My only warning is I do find it a little heavy but its more than worth it for the effortless golf experience I get in return.

United States United States
Just got it - and it works great

So far have taken it on 2 test runs without a golf bag (virtual golf) - our course is closed for play till at least May 4th. Performed extremely well going down hills and up a very steep climb. Also went through heavy rough easily. Am working on fine-tuning minor left/right adjustments , and also setting the right speed - better to use the remote for speed control. Maybe once it is loaded with a golf bag this may be easier to control. Initially i though of sending the seat back since i thought i would never use it. But once installed i changed my mind. Nice to have an option to sit when waiting and more importantly the valuable storage under-seat for golf balls tees, keys, etc. i do not think i will use the scorecard attachment - since i enter scores on my golf watch - also no storage under it. Wish there were a secure place on the frame under the bag to stash a sand bottle - rather than having another attachment for this. Will post experience again after i have used it for a few months playing golf. Great product - Kudos to our mates from down under!

Excellent except!

I have used electric bag carts for more than 30 years - all Kangaroos, which are very good except they are heavy, awkward to collapse and do not have a reasonably priced model with a lithium battery. Therefore, I just bought an MGI Zip 1. I must say it is excellent in every way except the speed control. I play with many golfers who ride carts and I am always changing speeds to keep up or slow down for them. I also get in the rough and have to look for my ball, ie I go from two to five all the time and the inaccurate, inconsistent speed control drives me crazy. This machine is designed beautifully in every other way and I am very surprised they cannot develop a speed control that has a rheostat with unlimited speeds to match my pace. Even definite clicks that would set the speed would be better than the hit or miss current system. Please develop a speed control for this otherwise outstanding machine. I would love to give a 5+ rating, but cannot because of this important design flaw.