Main Battery Level Low

  1. Please advise the serial number of your caddie – it is located on the back of the caddie where the battery mounts – it will start with UZX…
  1. Can you please advise if your battery is charging correctly:
    1. Check that the AC lead is fully inserted into the Charger – it is a tight fit and needs to be pushed in firmly.
    2. When the charger is connected to the power point and turned – what is the colour of the LED on the charger? If there is no light on your charger or the light is flashing, your charger is faulty and requires replacement
    3. When the charger is then connected to battery – what is the colour of the LED on the charger?
    4. If the LED is Red under point c, how long does it stay Red for?
    5. Does the LED turn to Green after point d?
    6. Does the LED remain Green after point e?
  1. If you have access to a voltage meter, you can check the voltage of your fully charged battery. A fully charged battery should be 33.5v. If the battery is lower than 33v and your charger is indicating a full charge, your battery may be faulty


  1. When you connect the battery to the cart, does the fully charged battery show a single red bar immediately as per the below image? If so, please replace the top box


Top Box Replacement



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