MGI Phone Holder


The MGI Phone holder conveniently locks on your MGI Buggy Series top box position and holds your device securely whilst you're out playing your best game.

The phone holder can accommodate devices with a maximum width of 10cm.

Compatible with both ZIP and Ai Series electric buggy. Not suitable for Quad Series electric buggy.

Set up Instructions

The Phone Holder can only be mounted on the RIGHT hand side of the buggy.

Ai Model 

1. Unscrew lock nut from back of phone holder 

2. Fit the lock nut over the ball joint 

3. Attach the ball joint to the back of the phone holder 

4. Screw in the lock nut over the ball joint until tight 

5. Attach the arm to the right side of the accessory port station and screw in bold to tighten 

6. Store the accessory port protective cap where safe 

ZIP Model 

1. On your Zip series buggies Top Box, open the flap.

2. Facing your buggy hold your GPS+ Holder with the prongs facing in the upward position.

3. Slide the GPS+ Holder along the protruding plastic piece on the open plastic flap until it is all the way down.