Zip Series

My Zip X1 Top Box is Flashing

The Zip X1 top box speed number will flash while the X1 is moving. The speed number will return to solid when the X1 is stopped. It is normal for the speed number to flash while the unit is moving.

My Zip buggy turns off during the round

A quick tap on the start/stop button is all that is needed to operate your MGI buggy. Do not hold the start/stop button down as you may trigger the buggies “sleep mode” function. Your MGI buggy...

My battery is connected to my buggy but there is no display on the LCD screen

Please ensure your battery is fully charged. If so, the buggy may need to be taken to an authorised MGI repair centre for inspection.

My golf bag does not fit onto my buggy

Ensure the handle is locked into the highest position and the top bag support has been lowered into position.

When operating the speed control, the speed setting does not change

Ensure your wheels are on the correct side and they are locked into the drive position.(X1 and X3 only),  If this is correct, you may need a replacement speed control.

My buggy is running slow

Check your wheels to ensure the Left wheel is on the left side and the right is on the right.(X1 and X3 only),  If your buggy is running consistently slow you will need to take it to an authorised ...