Distances incorrect/ Laser not picking up correct distance

  • Make sure unit is set to correct meterage = yards or metres.
  • Also when targeting a flag/pin, the best the Mode is set to Pin Loc mode (flag icon) so the unit can target and display the distance to the closest target, refer to the User Manual for your model on how to set up unit correctly to Pin Loc mode.

Possibly the unit is set to Scan Mode, hence a little movement can display incorrect yardage.

There are 3 modes selected via the mode button > Blank, Scan & Pin Loc (flag)

Blank = Default, point and shoot, requires steadiness.

Scan (S displayed) = Scan feature displays a continuous update of distances to various targets across a panoramic area. To use the Scan feature, press the Power Button once, crosshairs will appear on screen. Pan across the target area. Once complete, press the Power Button again and the crosshairs will disappear and the laser will stop scanning.

Pin Loc (Flag displayed) = Pin Loc Mode with Priority Loc – PINLOC technology ensures even the smallest target is locked On from the longest possible distance. This is important for delivering pinpoint accuracy. This feature is automatically delivered when the Power Button is depressed quickly once.

The Zoom, PINLOC 5000/6000 units instinctively lock onto the nearest target, which may be the smallest among multiple objects in the background giving you confidence you have the correct distance every time. Priority Loc intelligence delivers the first and closest target by scanning the area and displaying only the nearest distance. This feature automatically works by pressing the Power button once.

If the above fails, the unit will need to assessed, please email support@sureshotgps.com with your name, serial number of the unit and return address details to create a RA number (Return Authorisation number).

Otherwise please refer to user manual, section - Distances View

Click link to Sureshot User Manuals >  https://mgigolf.com/pages/sureshot-axis-manual

Or, select Support on the top of the page > then User Manuals > Sureshot > then your model