Go to Main Menu > Settings > Wi-Fi.

Toggle Wi-Fi ‘on’. If the Wi-Fi toggle is blue, then Wi-Fi is on.

The system will automatically search for available networks. *Note: Only secure networks can be connected to).

Select the desired Wi-Fi network from the populated list.

Enter password - it is recommended to tap the “eye” icon to display the password to ensure there are no errors. Do not go turn off the unit or tap ‘go back’ while the Ai Navigator GPS+ is attempting to verify a password.

- If the password is accepted, you will return to the Wi-Fi screen and the Wi-Fi Network will display as blue.

- If the password is not accepted, you will receive an incorrect password error and must re-enter the password.

Note: once Wi-Fi is connected the system will automatically connect to that Wi-Fi Network if Wi-Fi is ‘on’.