Sureshot ZOOM Launch

Sureshot ZOOM Launch

 Exclusive to Drummond Golf, the Sureshot ZOOM Laser Rangefinder is designed with intelligent pulse technology that helps you focus on your game out on the course. Once locked onto your desired target a reassuring Pulse can be felt. This model comes in a sleek navy finish, weighs only 185g for a comfortable and controlled grip and dimensions are 106mm x 75mm x 41mm. Transform how you play and enjoy golf, and always know the distance with Sureshot.

This unit has an LCD lens display with 6 x magnification and a water and shock-resistant casing to ensure it lasts the test of time out on the golf course. The Sureshot ZOOM has a measuring distance to Pin of 300m and a maximum measuring distance of 900m to large objects or structures and can be used to measure distances in metres or yards through the buttons strategically positioned on the top of the unit.

In PINLOC MODE, the Sureshot ZOOM instinctively locks onto the nearest target visible through the rangefinder, so you know you have measured the right distance to the object you're targeting. Another feature of the ZOOM is DISPLAY LOC. Each time the red power button is pressed in the unit, the distance is displayed on screen for 15 seconds so you can review the distances without having to lock onto the target again. After 15 seconds the LCD screen display automatically switches off to save battery life. SCAN MODE, when activated using the mode button will measure the terrain you're looking at continuously and give real-time distance feedback depending on the target you’re aiming at, making it easy to survey the hole and make the right shot.

The Sureshot ZOOM with Pulse Technology comes with a low-level battery indicator and accepts any CR2 3V lithium battery as a replacement.

The ZOOM comes with a 1-year warranty and we recommend you register your device within 30 days of purchase in Australia to ensure it is logged in our system for warranty and identification purposes. The Sureshot ZOOM comes with Australian after-sales support 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. For more information on the Sureshot ZOOM with Pulse Technology, please visit the product page or contact us on email, chat or phone.