Sureshot PINLOC 5000 White Series

Sureshot PINLOC 5000 White Series

Sureshot is excited to introduce the latest models of the incredibly successful PINLOC 5000 series of laser rangefinders. These new models boast all of the key features that have sold tens of thousands of units worldwide, and now with a striking white casing.

The white casing adds contrast to the rest of the unit in all of the models, whether it’s the bronze, silver or gold accents of the i, iP or iPS respectively. The black vulcanised rubber square pattern remains on the back of the unit to ensure a comfortable and controlled grip while using the rangefinder. The new white high-density polyethylene (HDPE) adds structure to the unit whilst ensuring it remains water, debris and shock-resistant. The high shine finish is also easily cleaned with a damp cloth or with isopropyl alcohol, so your device will remain in pristine condition over time.

Sureshot strives for continuous innovation and brings golfers the best technology and design. The PINLOC 5000 White series of laser rangefinders is the latest and greatest is rangefinder technology. Using infrared laser beams to instantly measure the distance to objects, knowing the yardage will be quick and easy. You will not need to waste time on initiating anything or waiting for a handheld GPS connection. You just point the laser and know the distance instantly. With 3 editions of the PINLOC 5000 White series lasers, there will be one perfect for you.

If you are very serious about your yardages, then the PINLOC 5000iPS is for you. It is the most feature-rich laser, with a sleek gold design. It’s eye-catching and powerful. Not only can you use the Pinloc feature to target the flag, you can toggle the Slope function on/off which will calculate the incline or decline between you and the pin, giving you the real distance to the target, as well as the distance you need to hit your shot to compensate for the elevation of the terrain.

The PINLOC 5000 White series of laser rangefinders are now available nationwide in Australia.