MGi Zip Navigator 25th Anniversary


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Celebrate 25 years of innovation with the worlds #1 remote control buggy, the Zip Navigator. Sophisticated on every level and at the cutting edge of motorised buggy technology, the Zip Navigator features MGI’s renowned full directional remote control, enabling you to roam free and experience the ease in which this motorised buggy moves around the course. Control the speed remotely while the automatic downhill speed control feature effortlessly manages any hilly terrain. The most significant technological triumph on the Zip Navigator is what lies within. Traverse across the toughest of terrain and watch as the Patented Gyroscope automatically tracks the buggy on a straight course. Walk free, play hard with the Zip Navigator.

Signature Features
  • Personalised Nameplate with Unique Model Number
  • Monochrome design with premium metallic chrome wing and wheel accents
  • 3 year warranty
  • Full directional remote control allows for left, right, forward, reverse and speed control
  • Patented Gyroscope Straight Tracker technology keeps the buggy on track across any terrain
  • Downhill speed control minimises your effort and maximises control
  • Twin calibrated motors for supreme power & agility
  • Powered by the largest capacity Lithium 24v 380Wh battery
  • All terrain tread rear wheels help handle all conditions
  • Swivelling front wheel
  • Fully foldable rear 4th wheel for added stability
Performance Features
  • USB charging port
  • Adjustable ergonomic T-bar handle and bag support
  • Newly engineered Zip fold, three wheel design
  • 12% lighter and 25% smaller for maximum space saving
  • Advanced Click & Go Lithium battery system
  • Quick release rear wheels, with All Terrain tread

OPEN DIMENSIONS: 80cm x 59cm x 104cm




Suitable Accessories
  • Zip Travel Bag
  • Zip Umbrella Holder Extender
  • Zip Wheel Covers
  • Zip Multi Purpose Clip
  • Zip Scorecard Holder
  • Zip Drink Bottle Holder
  • Zip Sand Bottle
  • Zip Sand Bucket Loop
  • Zip Umbrella Holder
  • Zip Seat
  • Zip and Quad Series Rain Cover (Universal)
Battery Options
  • 24v 380w Lithium Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Remote Control with lithium battery
  • USB cord for remote charging (AC adaptor not included)




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Marc Wilson


My new Zip Navigator is whisper quiet and so simple to use. This is my first remote controlled buggy, and after seeing many fellow golfers struggle with reliability and the occasional mishap, I am now secure and confident in my new equipment. Some of the features that I enjoy the most are: - its ease of assembly and disassembly, and the compact size that it folds down to fit in the small boot of my convertible; - the fact that it is virtually silent in its operation; - the stability on all sides from the wide wheelbase and pop-out rear wheel; - the simple and easy to use remote interface; - how fresh I feel on the last few holes compared to my old push buggy; and - not having to drag my bag around the course anymore! All in all I am pleased with the Navigator - I am looking forward to having many good rounds ahead with my new caddy.

Marco Gazzola

Stealth mode

The buggy is amazing. This buggy moves around the coarse with speed, accuracy & what I call stealth mode. It’s light weight, easy to assemble and fits in the boot of my Mustang with great ease. These buggy’s are a must have for all golfers that want to concentrate on their golf, and not how tired and sore they are after their round.

Vince Galtieri

Built Solidly

The Navigator is my third MGI buggy and fourth in our family. It is built with solid components and unlike later versions is quite sturdy and comes with what now appear to be optional extras such as seat, umbrella holder and bucket holder. The modern version appears to have more plastic components and the wheels look relatively flimsy. Using the MGI enables you to preserve more physical energy for your game. It makes the golf game much more enjoyable.

Wayne Nash

Third MGI

This is my third MGI Buggy. My original which must be over ten years old finally decided to "give up" after a stellar job, so naturally, I wanted to replace it with the latest model. I still have my second one as I am a member of two clubs and have one at each. This is a great improvement. Very responsive, very speedy to the extent that I only have the speed on level 2. The smartest looking buggy around. I am very happy with it.

Rugs Liu

A Great Walk

I started to ride in a cart every week at golf but I really wanted the excessive so I bought the remote control version and it's like playing golf with a caddy. I can bring the cart to me from 50 60 metres away and has really helped me concentrate on my golf, and it means I will continue walking and smelling the roses Regards Gus Liu PS it also fits easily in my small two door car