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Know the distance and enhance how you play golf with the comfortable, lightweight and water-resistant Watch+. Bring convenience and a heightened experience to your game, simply by the touch of your wrist. The Watch+ is not only conscious and aware of the game in front of you with its golf mode but also monitors your health and tracks your fitness with it's in built-in sports mode which includes a detailed heart rate monitor and precise fitness tracker. The Watch Plus features over 35,000 pre-loaded maps with hazards on a large sunlight-friendly screen to ensure you know the distance and never second guess the distance. Knowing the time and distance never looked so good with the SureshotGPS

Signature Features
  • Lightweight design shaped to fit the contour of your wrist
  • Sunlight readable screen
  • Waterproof to 30m
  • Time mode to wear as an everyday watch
  • Available in both blue and black internal lining
  • The Watch + is not MAC Compatible. Only works with Windows Operating Systems

Golf Mode

  • Displays accurate distances to the front, centre & back of the green
  • Know the distance to the front & carry of hazards
  • Preloaded with over 35,000 worldwide courses

Fitness Tracker

  • Walking and running modes
  • Heart rate monitor - Supercharge your golf game and fitness by accurately monitoring your real time heart rate
  • Fitness tracker - move across all fitness in your life from golf to walking or running and make every step count.
  • Track distances traveled with the touch of a button.
Battery Options

Lithium battery