Wet weather tips

MGI carts are designed to be used in all conditions however a level of caution is required when operating your cart in wet conditions. Here are a few tips to help when playing in wet conditions

  1. When playing in wet conditions, we recommend carrying a hand towel to wipe away any excessive water from the top box.


  1. Keep your cart on the fairway and paths when possible and avoid boggy terrain and puddles.


  1. MGI carts are designed to be as resistant to wet conditions as possible however they are not waterproof. Under no circumstances should you clean your cart using a pressure washer or garden hose. MGI recommends cleaning away excess debris with a brush and wiping the buggy down with a damp cloth. Damage to the drive system and electronics due to water ingress is not a manufacturing defect and will not be covered under warranty.


  1. If you experience an issue after playing in wet conditions, please make contact with your repair technician and organise to have your cart inspected.
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