Sureshot GPS Micro handheld

Hi All,

Over ten years ago, Sureshot launched the Sureshot GPS Micro handheld. This popular device was sold for over 3 years until it was discontinued and a new Sureshot handheld was introduced into the market.

Unfortunately, Our Service & Support team have been informed that all Sureshot GPS Micro units have ceased functioning as of late 2020. The constant advances in technology mean that this firmware is obsolete, and it is no longer repairable. 

We would like to apologise to the many golfers who until recently still gamed using this handheld GPS and hope the 10+ years of use they received from the GPS Micro will be ample reason for them to stick with this proud Australian owned and operated brand. 

We appreciate your understanding and informing to existing customers of this unforeseen expiration of the Sureshot GPS Micro handheld.

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