Speed controller not responding

Speed controller not responding

Please note the following points regarding the Zip Navigator Speed Control.

To select the desired speed, rotate the speed control button.

Turning the speed control button clockwise will increase the speed, whilst anti-clockwise will decrease speed.

The speed setting chosen is displayed in the center of the screen.

Please note you will feel notches as you rotate the speed control. The notches do not indicate a change in speed. The speed will only increase or decrease as the number changes in the display.

To start the Zip Navigator at this desired speed, tap the top of the speed control button.

Another tap will stop the Zip Navigator.

The desired speed can be altered up or down while the Zip Navigator is moving.

Please connect the battery to your cart 

When your carts power is turned on, can you change the speed settings on your top box display using the manual speed controller by rotating the speed controller clockwise or anticlockwise? If no, replace the speed controller as per the below video

When you press down on the speed controller, does the speed setting begin to flash? If no, replace the speed controller as per the below video

Speed controller replacement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3t3NyfQM_XI&t=7s

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