Remote control will not charge

  1. Before you start using your Zip Navigator you must fully charge the remote control internal lithium ion battery for approximately 6 hours or overnight using the USB cord provided.


  1. The top left UNLOCK button will flash while charging. When a full charge is complete, the green light will stay on and stop flashing.


  1. To charge the remote, plug the USB cord into the USB port at the base of the remote as pictured in the diagram.



  1. The cable then needs to be plugged into your PC or Laptop for charging. Alternatively, you can plug the cable into an AC adaptor [not provided].


  1. If your remote unlock light does not illuminate when you connect the power cord to your remote control, please check the charging port for any signs of damage.


  1. If the charging port is damaged, you will require a replacement remote control.


  1. If there are no signs of damage to the charging port, please try another Mini USB lead and a different power source.


  1. If there is no damage to the charging port, alternative leads and power supplies have been used and the remote control will not charge, please replace the battery in your remote control (see below instructions)


  1. We recommend recharging your remote battery when recharging your main battery.









Installing the Battery in the Remote Control.



  1. Remove the three screws from the back plate of the remote control
  2. Insert battery into the case


  1. Connect the battery and be mindful where the leads sit to ensure they do not get pinched by the casing.
  1. Reconnect the two casings and fit the belt clip. Install the three screws and tighten until firm
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