Main battery not lasting 18 holes

Please note down the serial number of your buggy.
The serial number on your MGI Zip Series buggy can be found in two locations on your buggy. At the base of the battery mount and inside the top box storage compartment. It is 15 digits long and comprises of letters and numbers ie: AZXNV11XXXXXXXX

Please advise Customer Service if your battery is charging correctly:

  1. Check that the AC lead is fully inserted into the charger and it is a tight fit and pushed in firmly.
  2. When the charger is connected to the power point and turned on, what is the colour of the LED on the charger? If there is no light on your charger or the light is flashing, your charger is faulty and requires replacement.
  3. When the charger is connected to the battery, what is the colour of the LED light on the charger?
  4. If the LED is Red, how long does it stay Red for?
  5. Does the LED turn to Green?
  6. Does the LED remain Green?

    If you have access to a voltage meter, you can check the voltage of your fully charged battery. A fully charged battery should be 33.5 volts. If the battery is lower than 33 volts and your charger is indicating a full charge, your battery may be faulty. 

    Does your top box display a full battery indication (#5 in below image) at the start of the round then run out of power before you have finished 18 holes? Does your charger go to red when charging then green when fully charged? If yes, you will require a battery test or replacement battery. If no, please continue reading.



      When you connect the battery to the cart, does the fully charged battery show a single red bar immediately as per the below image? If your voltage is 33.5v and the battery indicator displays a flat battery, you may need to replace your top box display. Please contact Customer Service for further assistance.




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