Inaccurate distance reading

  1. Please set your distance measurement to either distance A or Distance B by pressing the left hand button on your top box. Do not have your top box setting on total distance.


  1. Please ensure your wheels are locked into the drive position



  1. When the power is on and your cart is operating, can you see the distance in yards accumulate? If not, you may have to replace your sensor as per below video. If you can see the distance accumulate proceed to step 4.


  1. Please ensure you have your top box set to the preferred distance measurement (yards or meters) by pressing the button on the right side of your top box


  1. Is the calculation on your display higher or lower than expected? What is the difference over 100 yards compared to your second unit of measurement?


  1. If the distance measured by your top box is vastly differing the secondary unit of measurement, please replace the gearbox as per the below video


Zip Navigator Gearbox Replacement


Zip X5 Gearbox replacement


Zip X3 Gearbox Replacement





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