Cart stops on its own

The Zip Navigator software has two safety features installed that will purposely stop the cart.

  1. The Navigator will also stop after 70 seconds if it does not receive a command from your remote control.

This feature is installed in case you accidently hit a button on the remote while taking a shot.

The Navigator will operate for 70sec the automatically stop.

Any time you press a button on the remote control, the 70sec will reset.


  1. The Navigator will stop when out of range.

The remote control sends a pulse to the top box every two seconds.

If the top box does not receive this pulse, the buggy will stop.

This feature is installed to stop the cart when you can no longer control it.

The remote control needs to be recharged regularly to ensure the pulse is communicating to the top box.

If your remote battery level is low, the pulse may not communicate with the top box and your Navigator will stop.

If the Navigator stops within a short period of time (less than 70 sec) and within a close proximity, you will need to have your remote control updated.

For updating, the remote control will have to be sent to our repair centre in Oceanside California. Please contact Ron Goodman to organise the collection of your remote control

Once the remote control is returned, it will have to be paired to the cart as per the below video link.

Remote Pairing Instructions:

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