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New Product Warranty

The Warranty is given by Protégé Sport Pty. Ltd. trading as MGI, ABN 59 006 140 101. The Warranty applies to the Buggy identified by the serial no. It is provided to the original and subsequent owners using the Buggy within the country of purchase during the Warranty Period.

Beware of Ebay sales

Please note that we do not support sales of new MGI buggies on Ebay in Australia. MGI does not offer warranty on any new MGI buggy purchased from Ebay. There have been cases of product sourced through illegitimate means so we have been forced to implement this policy. Please support your local Australian Golf retailer by buying through an approved reseller.

Warranty Period

The coverage commences from the date of purchase from the retailer. Each buggy has the following warranty


RyderR75, HunterR200, Coaster R300, VenturerG400, TrackerG600 & NavigatorG800 are standard with a 2 year warranty on all parts with the following warranty on batteries. All SLA batteries & chargers are standard with 12 months warranty. All Lithium batteries & chargers are standard with 2 years warranty.


SL50 & SL150c – 12 months on all parts

SL350c, SL550c & Navigator NVR750c – Standard warranty is 2 years on the frame, motor & gearbox. 12months on all other parts

Surenergy AGM batteries are standard with a 6 month warranty. All other batteries supplied are standard with 12 months warranty.

Bag Boy Products

The Bag Boy Company provides the original retail purchaser of each new Bag Boy cart a limited one year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for the cart frame and cart wheels when purchased from an authorised Bag Boy dealer. Bag Boy does not warrant the following items which are considered wear and tear items: paint, decals, tires, grips and other wear and tear items. The wear and tear items listed are only covered for warranty if the product is damaged in these respects before initial use.

Repair work during warranty period

Warranty work undertaken (including parts and labour) will be carried out at no cost to the Buggy owner. However, this work should not be confused with servicing for which a charge is payable. The owner is responsible for getting the buggy to a repair centre or to a Golf Club or Retailer where our Mobile Service Van stops (Melbourne, Sydney and Southern Queensland Metro areas only).

Warranty Exclusions


Your Warranty does not extend to the following damage:

  • Damage caused by an accident, misuse, neglect, fire, theft or moving objects striking the Buggy
  • Damage caused by chemicals or sealants
  • Damage caused by flood, hail, salt, etc
  • Damage caused to batteries by over discharging or sulphation due to leaving in a discharged state for prolonged periods.
  • Damage caused by overheating due to inadequate ventilation during charging
  • Indirect, incidental or consequential damages
  • Bent seat support bracket on buggy frame
  • Water damage caused by heavy rain


This Warranty does not cover damage caused by:

  • Misuse or abuse of the Buggy
  • Operation of the Buggy after the defect is known
  • Failure to carry out proper maintenance services (refer to owner’s manual)
  • Alteration of the Buggy by anyone not authorised by MGI
  • Fitting of parts or accessories not recommended by MGI
  • Any work carried out on the Buggy by anyone except an authorised MGI retailer or authorised Service Centre


MGI accepts responsibility for any buggy only after arrival at its premises.