MGI Lithium 12v 26Ah Battery with complimentary charger


MGI’s Heavy Duty Lithium battery is designed for all Twin motored buggies or for those golfers looking for a high performance, longer lasting Lithium battery for all single motored biggies. This Lithium is 26Ah providing longer life over the standard 18Ah Lithium.

Weighs only 3.2Kg and is slightly taller than the 18Ah Lithium, but with the same foot print.

Comes with a lifting strap for easy transportation, and battery leads to suit the MGI Quad range

A 2 year warranty gives you peace of mind.

Battery Footprint
175mm x 185mm

Quad Series: Hunter Quad, Coaster Quad, Navigator Quad Gyro

R & G Series: Coaster R300, Venturer G400

Suited to ALL course terrains, and particularly long and hilly courses.

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