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Discover your best game yet and practice with power. Using Doppler radar sensor, the Sureshotgps Launch monitor follows the ball trajectory to measure ball distance and speed, within a range of 30-300m. The radar also tracks swing speed for further club by club game analysis and improvement. It is like having a coach with you in your pocket.


Set the Launch Monitor up 1.5m behind you. Next, using your ultra-compact key ring remote choose your mode, tell it what club you are using and then hit away! Make small adjustments to grip pressure, stance or even tee height and watch the difference it makes to your stats on ball distance, swing speed and smash factor. You can use this in practice areas, driving ranges and even against hitting nets provided there is at least 4m ball flight.

Measure your exact swing speed, shot distance, ball speed and smash factor per club and shot. Here you can really see which shots and clubs are your best and which ones you need more practice on.

Have a certain distance you want to really improve upon? The Target Mode allows you to set a distance of your choosing and each time you swing it will give you a calculation relative to this distance and then after ten shots it will give you a score out of 100. Then the aim of the game is to get as close to 100 as you can.

Here the Launch Monitor is in charge, it tells you what distance it wants you to hit. Again, get your score as close to 100 as you can. Practicing has never been so much fun, you will find yourself getting competitive and aiming for that elusive perfect score.


149 x 81 x 27mm


4″ LCD

Doppler Radar Sensor

Battery Type
Standard AAA Battery (x4 provided)

Battery Life
Up to 20 hours

Measuring Range
30 –  300 metres

White or Black

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