Liquid Holster

The LIQUID HOLSTER® was created by a typical mum – perpetually busy, juggling home life, work and a bunch of social activities. It was while she was pushing the baby buggy around her local shopping mall that she was getting increasingly frustrated with trying to hold on to her water bottle, worst still, a hot coffee. It was through this frustration that she came up with the idea of having a handy convenient drink holder that attaches to the handle bar of the buggy.

It didn’t take long to recognise that the LIQUID HOLSTER® had many more useful applications, and was soon trialled on golf trundlers, boats, bikes, tractors, gym equipment, motor mowers and mobility equipment – in fact almost anything that had a tube on it!

The LIQUID HOLSTER® is now sold in 12 countries around the globe and has partnered with one of the largest sporting distributors in the North America.
We expect that this simple yet unique solution to drinking on the move will help make your life easier.

LIQUID HOLSTER® – Thirst solutions on the move.